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June 7, 2012 - Silestone Institute participated in a panel discussion about Food Safety in TVE2
  • Maite Pelayo, microbiologist specialized in Food Safety, explained the main factors to consider in order to keep our kitchen and families safe, especially in summer
  • She demonstrated the spreading capability of bacteria through utensils, food and hands with an interesting experiment: touching all things with red colour...! Very visual and striking!!!
May 29, 2012 - Alicia's Foundation and Silestone Institute teach families how to avoid food poisoning in a workshop 
For a healthier and sustainable diet
  • Silestone Institute in collaboration with Alicia's Foundation teaches hygiene keys to reach maximum safety in the kitchen and prevent infections specially in summer
  • Alicia's Bus is a mobile unit focused on science in food and kitchen: an initiative created by Social Net of CatalunyaCaixa in collaboration with Alicia's Foundation, which promotes good eating habits to the society
  • Luis Eduardo Montes, co-author of the book Professional Kitchen Hygienic Design, explained how to design a kitchen to obtain an optimum level of higiene and food safety
  • The conference was held in the Village Zone Demonstrations-BCN Vanguardia, under Restaurama-Alimentaria 2012. The event, which took place from 26th to 29th of March in Barcelona, turned this 5th edition into a meeting point for the hospitality industry

October 17, 2011 -Silestone Institute organised a conference on Antibacterial Technology and Food Safety in Anuga 2011 (Cologne, Germany)

  • Professor Emily Hunt of West Texas University has presented its latest research on new nano-structured metal alloys as potent antibacterial agents and their application to surfaces and coatings to improve Food Safety.
  • Hans-Werner Bellin, Mechanical Engineer of the European Engineering & Design Group, has shown how hygienic design and engineering in manufacturing processes of food industries contribute to obtain healthier final products.

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