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In keeping with the research and informative efforts undertaken by the Silestone Institute, we are now launching a new series of publications known as the Silestone Institute Technical Notebooks.
The purpose of this collection is to provide technical information on hygiene in the home and in professional settings to help improve the health and quality of life of people.
The first issue of our new publication takes a look at Passive Food Safety Systems - SPSA (Acronym in Spanish of Sistemas Pasivos de Seguridad Alimentaria), a new and innovative concept in food safety management that was developed for the Silestone Institute by Maite Pelayo Blas, a microbiologist specialising in food safety and a member of the Institute’s Advisory Board.
SPSA is a fascinating line of research which covers all present and future technological utilities that, when applied to kitchens and related fields, help provide an area where food preparation is safer.

We are confident that both our first and our successive issues of the Silestone Institute Technical Notebooks collection will help accomplish the goal we have in mind.
Study about hygiene habits in the kitchen (Spain and Portugal)
Study conducted by GFK for Silestone Institute revealing the level of consumer concern over food safety. It also collects and records habits and evaluates the general public’s knowledge about hygiene in the kitchen. 
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