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The Caravan of Health
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Hygiene wheel
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Designing the kitchen to avoid cross contamination

The Silestone Institute offers advice on how to design the home kitchen to avoid cross-contamination and thus prevent food toxinfection.

One of the main causes of food toxinfection, both at home and in catering establishments, is cross contamination, which is caused by the transmission of pathogenic microorganisms from a contaminated food, mainly a raw food, to another that is not and that, being already prepared for consumption, does not have to go through any additional heat treatment.

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Five inventions by women that have changed our daily life in the kitchen

Advances in technology are our attempt to make day-to-day tasks that bit easier. Many inventions have changed the way we live and work in the kitchen and have brought about both small and great revolutions in the domestic sphere.

As kitchen lovers we should be thankful for such creations, behind many of which are women whose contributions may not always be known to the world. These women, whose names are not well known, carved a niche for themselves in the vast field of inventions and patents.

The Silestone Institute has put together a small selection of these inventions below.

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The kitchen in the 21st century: multifunctional, eco-friendly, unisex and connected to social media

The Silestone Institute presents the report “Global Kitchen: the kitchen, the heart of the home”, a publication that reflects how
​social changes and the new lifestyles of the 21st century are affecting the design and use of this room. A multifunctional space that regains its position as the vital nucleus of the dwelling and ceases to be basically feminine. It goes from hosting the most traditional activity in the preparation of food to becoming a space to worship health and wellbeing, as well as the care for the environment. Moreover, social media are the real stars in this space as they are the tools to approach the culinary culture and transform consumption habits according to energy efficiency, sustainability or recycling criteria

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