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The Silestone Institute is an international platform dedicated to the study and dissemination of knowledge about the kitchen space as social and working environment.

One of its main areas of activity is the study and awareness of hygiene in the kitchen, both in public and private spaces in order to promote a healthy lifestyle.

The information disclosed by the Silestone Institute is supported by its Advisory Board, composed of experts in different areas such as food security, professional kitchen, scientific communication, cleaning products, architecture and design, hotel and catering, who put their knowledge available to consumers, professionals and society in general.    

International and multidisciplinary

The scope of action Silestone Institute is international, serving as a forum to exchange views and knowledge on the subject, adapted to all cultures and civilizations. The Silestone Institute is an organization promoted by the Cosentino Group, a leading company in the production and distribution of innovative solutions for the world of architecture and design surfaces Spanish family company.

Support and promote research on hygiene in the kitchen.
In the scientific field, Silestone Institute supports and fosters research on hygiene in the kitchen and other related fields (design, interior design, etc.).
Hygiene, health and quality of life are constant needs and concerns in today’s society. The hygiene of food in public venues such as bars, restaurants and hospitals is regulated and controlled by public agencies and administrations. And there is a growing demand for practical information on hygiene in the home. One of Silestone Institute’s main aims is to communicate—with a didactic, rigorous and practical approach—information on hygiene in the kitchen and bathroom. Silestone Institute thus stands as an international benchmark in the field of innovation and comfort-oriented technology.
Raise public awareness about the importance of hygiene in the kitchen and bathroom.
In the social sphere, Silestone Institute aims its public initiatives with the following objectives:
  • Ensure that citizens have access to comprehensive and solid data about hygiene in the kitchen and bathroom (practices, products and processes to protect against all types of germs).
  • Educate citizens about the importance of hygiene when it comes to improving their health and quality of life.
  • Effectively break the chain of infection transmission by developing and promoting good hygiene
    practices in the home.
Analyse and disseminate current regulations.

In the legal field, Silestone Institute analyses and communicates international laws on food hygiene and safety and works with regulators.
Food safety analysis looks at the entire food chain comprehensively, from farming, livestock and fisheries, to industrial treatment of food, distribution and market presence, and consumer information. This full-fledged approach therefore calls for the collaboration of all sectors involved, both public and private. 
Silestone Institute operates under the following values:
  • Ethics: We encourage the development of a modern, advanced society without undermining fundamental ethical values.
  • Non-profit: We operate on a non-profit basis and independently from institutions and agencies.
  • Environmental Commitment: “Environment” and “sustainability” are key concepts in our efforts to promote the enhancement of comfort through innovation.
  • Plurality of Views: We offer a meeting place for all opinions, to encourage reflection, debate, training and dissemination of knowledge.
  • Accountability: We reinforce the sense of responsibility, both individually and collectively, to bear in mind that health and welfare depend on us all.
  • Rigor: Our research is always conducted with the highest scientific and legal standards.
  • Excellence: Our aim is to work with the utmost stringent and entrepreneurial spirit, responsive to society’s feedback to achieve excellence.

Cosentino Group is a global, Spanish, family-owned company that produces and distributes high value innovative surfaces for the world of design and architecture.

As a leading company, it innovates and anticipates, together with its clients and partners, solutions that offer design and value, and inspire the life of many people. This goal is made possible by pioneering leading brands in their respective segments. Technologically advanced surfaces for creating spaces and unique designs for the home and public areas.

The Group has based its development on international expansion, an innovative research and development programme, respect for the environment and sustainability, its ongoing corporate commitment to society and the local communities where it operates, training, equality, and job security.

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